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Hermes Rent a Car operates on the island of Corfu in Greece, since 1963. All our cars are new and available in excellent mechanical condition.


Before every rental, we go through cleaning and safety check of all our cars by experienced mechanical engineers. We offer the newest car models in excellent condition and we are always there to assist you, during your stay in Corfu, or even prior to your arrival. We have a range of rental cars (jeeps, open cars, automatic cars, minivans, luxury cars) to suit your needs.

Hermes Car Hire Best prices. We constantly check our price list so that we can offer the lowest fares in the Corfu car rental market. Many years of experience having more than 100,000 satisfied customers, Hermes rent a car can guarantee that you will receive the best services available.


Rent your car from Hermes car hire, that guarantees your safety on the road combined. A clean car on time – At the right place. The exact car you booked – Nothing else. We are one of the best Car rental companies in Corfu and we are proud of our customer service, prices, and honesty.

Hermes rent a car is the first Corfu Car Hire choice by providing high standards of Corfu cars for holiday travelers. Hermes car hire rates are assured to be the most affordable and economical among all major car hire companies located in Corfu, Greece.

You can opt to have your vehicle delivered to you, anywhere on the island by experienced personnel. Wherever you are on the island, a map of Corfu and general information about Corfu island to help you get started.

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We are with you on every step.

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Seat belts are compulsory. Fasten your seat belt.
Buses are driving in the middle of the road so you need to be really careful to avoid being hit.

There are quite a lot of narrow roads in Corfu. The speed limit is rarely above 60 km per hour, you do not have to run fast. Use your horn at intersections if you do not have the best visibility. During the high season period, there are people clogging up the roads on monkey bikes. The speed of the traffic tends to be dictated by them. Be prepared to wait.

Keep your eyes on the road while driving. Corfu views are magnificent but you should not admire the sunset while you are driving. The double solid white line in the center of the road prohibits overtaking. For your own safety, do not ignore it. Nearly all direction signs are bilingual, showing the place names in Greek and English. You may see flashing amber arrows. If you are turning in the direction of the arrows, you must expect pedestrians to be crossing. Give way to anyone already crossing the road.

When driving in Greece you must drive on the right-hand side of the road. The main roads only have 2 lane traffic, and within the villages, the roads are very narrow. Be careful with the scooters. Alcotests & police blocks are common practice especially on nights in the summer. Dassia and other villages on the island have free public parking areas. Use them to avoid traffic congestion and parking fines. If you get a fine then you have to pay it.

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