Hermes Rent a car COVID-19 policies


Hermes Rent a Car are continously taking the advice from the greek goverment health advisors and the World Health Organisation, so we can adapt our services to ensure the safety and health of all our customers.

We will be taking the following measures to ensure you are safe at all times:

1. Employees are required to wash their hands frequently and have been trained on Health & Safety standards and on regulation guidelines, including products and processes available to ensure your safety.

2. All our cars have been fitted with Brand New Air Condition filters and will be sprayed with disinfectant to ensure bacteria is not spread.

The vehicles will be fully disinfected internally and externally with all strict sanitary standards before pick up time.

We will specifically disenfect:
– Steering Wheel and column

– Handbrake
– Gear Shift

– Indicators

– Radio and Accesory Panel

– Key

– Cupholders and glovebox

– Dashboard and Central Console

– Seats covers and seatbelts

– Areas between the seats and door

– Door Handles (Interior & Exterior)

– Window Buttons

– Door pockets

– Petrol and Boot release

– Rearview Mirror

– Visors

– Air conditioning unit and vents

– All high touch areas

3. The disposable covers will be placed in the following areas, in all our vehicles after disinfectant, prior to rental:

  • Steering Wheel

  • Gear shift

  • Handbrake

  • Driver Seat

The image below shows an example of how you will recieve your car.

4. Upon pick up and drop off, all staff will wear a mask and disposable gloves and minimal contact will apply.

– All our offices will have counter-screens to comply with social distancing protocols

– Hand sanitisers are available

– Paperless rental agreements are available at most locations

– Our office staff will also be provided with masks and gloves

– The rental agreement can be completed prior to arrival. In this case, you must provide the driving license number and ID number or passport via email
When you leave the vehicle, please check that you have removed all your belongings, personal effects and rubbish.

The vehicle will then be cleaned and disinfected in the same manner for the next rental.

Prior to arrival if you have any further questions regarding our Covid – 19 policies, please feel free to contact us via email or phone.

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